Caring Matters Now launches a new support Initiative at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

As from July 2021 Caring Matters Now support literature will be available to pick up from the CMN clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The support literature includes age-appropriate parent support guides, the CMN medical booklet and the CMN information leaflet. Patients will also be able to register with Caring Matters Now whilst waiting for their appointment in the CMN clinic.

Noreen Muwanga-Nanyonjo, the CMN Research Clinicians’ Assistant, will be on hand to provide patients with our support literature materials and offer assistance to parents when registering with the charity. This is a wonderful new advancement in the support we are able to provide for new patients and their families.

Thank you to Noreen for partnering with Caring Matters Now by providing charity literature and information to all CMN patients.