Hi everyone! My name is Ronnie, and I’m the new Caring Matters Now mascot! I’ve been given a mission, and I’m so excited to start!

My mission has two aims; first, to raise global awareness of Congenital Melanocytic Naevus. I’m going to do this by travelling all over the world, and posting pictures of my travels! You can help me raise awareness, by liking and sharing all my posts! The more my posts are shared, the more people will see them, and the more CMN awareness will be raised all over the world! My second aim is to introduce people everywhere to Caring Matters Now, and the wonderful work the charity does! I hope lots of new people will hear of our charity, and help to raise funds for both research and support!

I may only be a little bear, but with your help and support I can make a big difference! You can follow my travels on Instagram, my username is @cmn_ronniethebear. Make sure you follow me! I’ll also be sharing all my photos on Facebook, through the official Caring Matters Now Facebook page! I’ll be on twitter too! Follow my adventures using #ronniethecmnbear.

I can’t wait to start my travels very very soon! Where do you think I’ll be heading first?