One Minute Challenge

Meet Odhran, a regular attendee of our Online Baby and Toddler Community, in this photo he is wearing his “singing hat” and carrying his guitar, ready to sing with his friends!

As a charity we host monthly Online Communities, our Baby & Toddler and Infant Groups are FULL of noise and movement. We thought we would put this to good use. Our 0–6-year-old members and their families will be completing our ‘One Minute Challenge.’ They will be building the highest tower, clapping, bouncing, and sliding!

If you are a 0–6-year-old member and you would like to join us to complete this challenge on Saturday 23rd March, you can book here and download our sponsorship form below.

Online Baby & Toddler and Infant Group Fundraiser

To support us you can share the QR code with your family or take the sponsorship form into nursery! Together, we are working together as a team to raise vital funds so that children like Odhran can continue to attend events like these! You can give or follow our progress here. Thank you!

Online Baby & Toddler and Infant Group Fundraiser