Ever wondered what to do with old foreign coins and notes?
Donating them to Caring Matters Now is an easy way to raise valuable funds.

There is £2.7bn worth of unused foreign currency lying around in the UK and millions of unspent and redundant currencies in circulation.  Caring Matters Now is now able to collect this and turn it into much needed funds for the charity.

Do you have foreign currency lying in drawers at home gathering dust? Maybe there are a few notes or coins left in your purse from this year’s holiday?  Could you do a collection from friends and family over the summer?

Simply collect all the coins and notes and send them to us at:

Caring Matters Now
PO Box 184,
St Ives,
PE27 9DU

You can donate any currency from any corner of the globe, including notes.  Even old UK, Irish and pre-euro European coins. We can accept:

  • All foreign coins & notes
  • All pre-Euro coins & notes
  • Old British & Irish coins
  • All pre-decimal coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Damaged coins

Any questions, please do email