Welcome to the HOW DO YOU C MNOW?™ photographic exhibition hosted by Caring Matters Now at this year’s British Dermatological Nursing Group Annual Conference.

In 2019 Caring Matters Now commissioned the world-renowned photographer Brock Elbank to produce a photographic portrait series entitled HOW DO YOU C MNOW?™.  The aim of the photographic series is three-fold: to raise global awareness of CMN; to give a clear message of ‘Love the skin you are in!’ and to challenge negative perceptions of visible differences.

The strikingly unique photographic portraits feature inspiring children and adults affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevus from around the world; representing 13 countries on 5 continents.  The series of images were first exhibited at the world-famous OXO Tower Gallery in central London, attracting over 8,500 visitors throughout the 10-day exhibition, plus national and international media coverage.

After viewing the exhibition series:

  • 86% of the general public felt more accepting of visible differences
  • 91% of the general public felt more understanding of those living with a visible difference
  • 93% of the general public felt people with visible differences are beautiful

Visit our stand today to receive your CMN information pack and to chat with us about exhibiting the HOW DO YOU C MNOW?™photographic series in your workplace.  Plus, you can purchase a copy of our HOW DO YOU C MNOW?™ photographic book. This beautifully presented photographic book is a great resource to purchase and display in your clinic.

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