Cheryl’s Story

Following the huge success of our HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? photographic exhibition in 2019 and the release of our HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? photographic book in 2020, this year we are continuing to build upon the momentum of raising global awareness of CMN by launching our first HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? professional film, featuring the life story of an adult member living with CMN, Cheryl Shaw.

This wonderfully thought-provoking short film gives an insight into Cheryl’s life experiences of living with CMN – from the tough days, months and years Cheryl lived through, to the moment when Cheryl started to embrace her CMN, oåçvercoming her body-image insecurities.

Our aim is to reach a global audience through YouTube and our social media platforms and so continuing to raise awareness and educate the world about CMN. Please support our global awareness campaign by sharing our film on your social media platforms!