The Conference was a great experience and was loved by all that attended. So many people were helped by attending the conference in different ways – confidence, support, reducing isolation, building connections. It would be amazing for this to happen again for all attendees to continue to build the bonds they formed at the conference. And also be able to build new connections with new people who were unable to attend this year.

Testimonial 10

I am so glad I attended the 2019 CMN conference. I would say it has changed my life in a very positive way. I have a group of new friends who I am now in regular contact with and hope to meet with new people in future. I fully understand the cause of CMN and am up to date with the latest research and information. Thank you so much Caring Matters Now for putting this together and I would love to attend any future events.

Testimonial 9

I have learned techniques to deal with people who stare and ask questions about my condition.

Testimonial 8

Dr Kinsler’s talk was very informative and the workshops with the other teenagers were really good.

Testimonial 7

Chatting to adults with CMN was very eyeopening and discussing approaches to issues with other parents was useful. The research update from the medical professionals was especially interesting and informative.

Testimonial 6

It was an amazing mix of fun, informative medical sessions and supportive discussion with families facing the same challenges. It also gives us, as a family, a quality couple of days together away from our normal environment.

Testimonial 5

My child is more confident to talk about their CMN and explaining what it is to other children who might be looking.

Testimonial 4

“Attending the conference has made my child more confident to show their CMN in public.”

Testimonial 3

“This event is so important for children before they hit teens.”

Testimonial 2

“It has been really good for my daughter to connect more with others with CMN. They now have a WhatsApp group together!”

Testimonial 1