Private Facebook group for registered members

Our primary aim for social media interaction is for Caring Matters Now members to receive up to date information about the charity, and to give a safe platform for members to interact with one another.  Therefore, we have created a private Facebook group just for Caring Matters Now registered members to join.

If you would like to join the Facebook group to interact with other families affected by CMN, please register with Caring Matters Now as a member.

Official Facebook Page

For all those that are not wanting to interact with other members or wish not to register with Caring Matters Now, you can still link up with the charity by following our official charity Facebook page.  On the official charity Facebook Page, you will receive up to date information about the charity and UK research. You can join the Caring Matters Now Facebook page here.

Social Media Policy

We have put in place a strict Social Media Policy to ensure respect, kindness and support is shown to all our members.  Please do take some time to review the Social Media Policy.