What can I do about hairiness?

Hairiness only needs to be treated if it is causing a problem (for example, making an area difficult to clean) or the child or family feel it looks better without hair. An electric shaver is the best way to remove hair and, clipping the hair short rather than completely shaving often avoids problems of itchiness with regrowth. Hair removal creams should not be used as they can irritate the skin.

Shaving does not affect the thickness or number of hairs that grow. Hair regrowth after shaving is generally relatively slow, and the new hairs will have exactly the same appearance and feel as the original hairs if they are allowed to grow long again.

Most parents find that they do not need to shave an area more often than once every couple of weeks in order to maintain a satisfactory appearance.  Laser hair removal is possible but needs to be done regularly over a relatively long period and requires a general anaesthetic in children under teenage years. Electrolysis is slow and painful and is therefore not suitable for large areas.

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