tres amigos four volcano nil

17th September, 2015 | by | general


After spending hours under the dry dusty midday heat we came across an oasis of yellow and blue canvas tents, Yellow was for accommodation and we’ll leave you to figure out the blue We left at first light heading for a saddle at  Guagua Pichincha before passing ladrillos volcano and heading towards our old friend Ruco pichincha on the opposite  side a Cara Cara hawk observed us from a distance at lunchtime, ready to pick off any stragglers We donned our helmets for a rather scary and challenging climb to the romantic summit of  Ruco Pinchacha before sliding down to Quito . Three very tired amigos about to hit the rack. Tres Amigos 4 volcanoes… Read more

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Tres amigos go wild

15th September, 2015 | by | general


no blog from us tonight as we’re heading off to base camp shortly for an overnight high altitude camp ready for a long peak to peak traverse tomorrow Joe has offered some camp entertainment …could lead to anything Yesterday was tough and we’re doing really well,  Joe lead the pack and the rest of us ran behind Nicks a star and provides the humour but to be honest he’s not quite a funny as joe… Read more

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Tres amigos one -volcano nil

14th September, 2015 | by | general


Today we faced down our first volcano pasochoa at 13,221 or 4031 meters Neither smoke from grass fires, aggressive gorse brush- (Nicks  not wearing shorts again), ash from cotapaxi nor our first taste of thin air could stop us magnificant views made it all the better apart from the smoke and all We also had our first view of Cayambe volcanoe number four, it looked majestic, high and was snow capped Score – the tres amigos one – volcanoes… Read more



12th September, 2015 | by | general


Hi all, well we’ve all made it Quinto, just waiting for the guards to let us in to the hotel, joe ceased the moment with he banner while nick and I kept an eye out for the locals, weather is fabulous were all excited about the trip, we’ve flown near the volcanoes and will attach some photos… Read more