About The Challenge

About The ChallengeJoe, Nick and Phil will soon be arriving in the multi-ethnic city of Quito to kick off this fantastic challenge. Their challenge in the spectacular Avenue of Volcanoes begins with Pasochoa and El Corazon volcanoes, followed by Iliniza and culminates in the world’s highest active volcano, the magical Mt. Cotopaxi.

The climb to Mt. Cotopaxi’s (5,897m) summit is optional to those of the group who are exceptionally fit and prepared for the tough summit bid. Much of the final climb is on its glacier.

Summit climb starts at midnight when the ice is hard and easier to trek on. As the sun starts to rise, the three men will be able to look below them and see through the gaps in the cloud, with spectacular views of the Andes in every direction.

But this challenge doesn’t come without risk! Just two weeks ago our three CMN dads had a big decision to make about continuing to take on the Avenue of Volcanoes challenge because the main volcano the team are aiming to summit erupted. Charity Challenge informed the three trekkers that the challenge can still go ahead and the team may need to summit an alternative volcano, this decision will be made once the three men are in the country. Despite the unknown, Joe, Nick and Phil have decided to still take on this enormous and dangerous challenge for our charity and all the families associated with CMN.

They have SERIOUSLY sacrificed a huge amount of time, money and energy to make this challenge happen! We are extremely proud of all three dads and wish them every success.

Please show them your support and make a donation here.

During the challenge all three will be updating a BLOG! Please follow the guys on their adventure and encourage them all the way to the top!

Here is the itinerary so you can see what this challenge entails.

7 Challenges, 7 Continents

This challenge is another in the Ultimate CMN Challenge! 7 Challenges 7 Continents.