tres amigos four volcano nil

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After spending hours under the dry dusty midday heat we came across an oasis of yellow and blue canvas tents,

Yellow was for accommodation and we’ll leave you to figure out the blue

We left at first light heading for a saddle at  Guagua Pichincha before passing ladrillos volcano and heading towards our old friend Ruco pichincha on the opposite  side

a Cara Cara hawk observed us from a distance at lunchtime, ready to pick off any stragglers

We donned our helmets for a rather scary and challenging climb to the romantic summit of  Ruco Pinchacha before sliding down to Quito .

Three very tired amigos about to hit the rack.

Tres Amigos 4 volcanoes nil





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Phil is Dad to Callum, who is 14 years old with CMN.

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  1. Brilliant…….keep going guys, nearly there!

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