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We made our way today out of Quito and headed up to the Cayambe area.

On the way we stopped at the equator line where the three Amigos grabbed a quick photo opportunity.

After a 3 hour drive we arrived at the base of our next challenge, the Fuya Fuya Volcano.

Our start point was at the edge of a stunning mountain lake called Lagunas Mojanda that would easily rival the Lake District for natural beauty.

The climb was along a thin winding path that gradually got steeper and steeper eventually turning into a scramble as we got to a saddle just under the summit.

Here led by our guide George we all participated in an ancient South American Mountain Ritual called the Apacheta.

This involved us all selecting a stone, the size of the stone meant to reflect the size of your sins. (Joe’s was practically a bolder Val, so I dread to think what he has been up to)

Then whilst facing the Cayambe Volcano we had to blow over our chosen stones and some mountain flowers three times whilst thinking about those we loved (as well as the family I got a thought in for the entire Man City Team). We then all piled our stones up one at a time.

The final climb to the summit was up some precarious rocks but Tres Amigos arrived safe and sound.

The views from the summit at 4275 metres were truly spectacular with the Lake and Montania Negra (the black mountain) on one side and a sea of clouds and mountains on the other.

As we came down off the mountain we came through the “cloud forest” dropping down through the clouds on forest trail that was really eery and would not of looked out place in a Harry Potter movie, eventually arriving at our base for the night and a well earned rest.

All that is left now is the huge Cayambe Mountain that overshadows the whole region. It’s truly awesome and I know I speak for us all when I say I can’t wait to get to the top.

Score Tres Amigos 5 Volcanoes a big fat zero!!

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Nick is Dad to James, who is 9 years old with CMN.

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