My story by Sheila Mackenzie

Sheila’s Story

I am an older mother; Eva was born when Colin and I were in our forties. She was the little girl we had waited for, for so long! I went into hospital on the eve of my birthday. The labour was long but little did I know that this procedure would go on through the…


Eva’s Story

My name’s Eva and I am 13 years old. I was born on the 14th May 2003, which is actually my mum’s birthday! My hobbies include; running, cycling, swimming, art, singing, drama, dance and guitar. I want to be an actress, singer and dancer when I am older but I would also like to be…

Lucy & Fay Hardwidge

Lucy’s Story

I had a very good and healthy pregnancy and I was a little upset at the thought of losing my bump but at the same time extremely excited about meeting our new arrival. I was four days overdue and with my blood pressure rising the decision was made to induce labour, so on Sunday 13th…


Barry’s Story

Hi, my name is Barry, father of Shelley. Shelley is a twin. She and her brother Mark were born on the 30th June 1974 at the Queen Victoria Hospital, South Africa. Although it is 35 years ago, I vividly remember my wife Marion and myself driving down to the Hospital at 5.30am on a Sunday…


Katy’s Story

My name is Katy, and I am 11, nearly 12, years old. I have a CMN on the back of my right knee. When I was 18 months old, I had an operation to remove it. It was lasered off, using CO2 and Ruby Lasers, and then I had various bandages and dressings for 3…

Jodi Unsworth

Jodi’s Story

I was 6 years old and sitting in the bath playing with small toys, when I looked down at my skin and stared at the big brown, hairy, lumpy birthmark that covered all my back, wrapped around onto my tummy and continued down past my bottom onto the top of my thigh.  As I stared…


Rhys’s Story

Hello, my name is Lynne, I have a son called Rhys, and he is 10yrs old and has CMN. Until 6 weeks ago we had never met anyone else with this condition. We met Jodi Unsworth in Liverpool, and many other lovely people who had children with this condition; we also met the children, which…


Scarlett’s Story

My daughter Scarlett was born nearly two years ago with a very rare skin condition called Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN). No one in Cheltenham hospital had ever seen the condition and therefore were unsure where to send Scarlett, as she was not actually ill. To cut a long story short eventually we got to Great…