Q&A Session Four

  • Do new treatments for melanoma in general, including vaccines for melanoma, help with the treatment of melanoma in CMN?
  • Is there a connection between a parent having an autoimmune condition and their child having CMN?
  • Can the pigment in the hairs on top of the CMN disappear?
  • Can I dye the hairs on top of my CMN?
  • Does surgery reduce or increase the risk of melanoma in CMN?
  • Does having CMN on your legs reduce the strength in your legs?
  • Does CMN reduce speech development?
  • If a baby is born with one CMN and then develops a small mole in the first year of life, does that count as a satellite (a second CMN) or just a normal mole?
  • Is there any research about using drugs for people who have neurological problems with CMN, but they don’t have melanoma?
  • What is the best way to approach the school my child with CMN is about to start?
  • Does having CMN relate in any way to having poor ovulation?
  • Can CMN be diagnosed during pregnancy?
  • Do people who have CMN need to be generally screened for cancers?

Q&A Session Three

  • What is the percentage of people who have brain abnormalities with CMN developing melanoma?
  • Does the chance of developing melanoma differ depending on the size of the CMN on the skin?
  • How long will new small CMN satellites keep appearing?
  • Can we stop new small CMN satellites appearing?
  • Does IVF increase the risk of CMN developing?
  • Does having a suntan (as opposed to sunburn) increase the risk of melanoma in CMN?
  • Can you comment on treatments / surgery as seen recently in the media?
  • How should I protect my child from the sun?

Q&A Session Two

  • Does laser therapy work for CMN and hair removal?
  • Should nodules always be removed?
  • Are you more likely to get melanoma depending on the gene that has caused the CMN?
  • Are you more likely to get neurological problems depending on the gene that has caused the CMN?
  • Do I need routine gene testing for CMN?

Q&A Session One

  • What is the cause of CMN?
  • Is all the CMN research focused on the NRAS gene?
  • What CMN research is currently taking place?
  • What are the chances of finding a treatment for CMN?