Rare Disease Day - 28th February 2015

Help & Support

The Caring Matters Now Support Group wants to ensure that anyone affected by CMN receives the support needed. We have various means of providing support in the way of CMN family days, dedicated CMN email and telephone line, social online media sites, CMN newsletters and the website.

To offer a more personal form of support we have our team of support contacts. We have a dedicated team of 11 support contacts in place.Your support contact is there to offer one-to-one support through phone calls, emails and visits. The CMN team hopes that friendships will be developed and those affected by CMN will receive personal support at any time it’s needed.

Teenage Support

The Caring Matters Now Support Group aims to offer support to all ages, including teenagers. Therefore we have a separate contact for teenage support and we would love to hear from anyone in the support group aged 13 years – 18 years who has CMN. Email us at teenage@caringmattersnow.co.uk.