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Raise money for CMN by completing a Tandem Skydive in 2017

Raise money for CMN by completing a Tandem Skydive

Be a part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations and do something amazing – Join the 2017 CMN Tandem Sky Dive Team!

After a very successful event in 2014 Caring Matters Now and Click and Jump have teamed up to offer you a tandem day at BPS Langar Airfield, to celebrate the charity’s 20th anniversary.

When: Saturday 2nd September 2017

Where: Langar Airfield, Langar, Nottinghamshire, NG13 9HY.

Your Tandem Skydive

This exciting day will start with the completion of the necessary paperwork and be followed by a tandem training session. Once you are trained and waiting for your turn to jump, you will get an opporutunity to watch members of the parachute club ‘do their stuff’ to keep you entertained.

When it is your turn a member of the DZ team will help you into a jump suit, your hat, harness and gloves and introduce you to your instructor (and camera flyer if you are having your tandem filmed).

The flight to jump altitude takes about 15-20 minutes- enough time to take in some incredible views of the countryside.

Your skydive experience will include a thrilling 45 seconds of freefall as you and your instructor reach speeds in excess of 120mph. At about 5000ft your instructor will open the parachute and you will begin your 5 minute scenic parachute descent, landing to the cheers of your friends and family.

Click Here to find out more information about this charity sky dive

Check out the previous CMN Team Day held at Nottingham, Langar Airfield in March 2014.

Start your fundraising now and set up your Just Giving page.

Raise money for CMN by completing a Tandem Skydive

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  • […] If you fancy celebrating in a more extreme style, then join our 20th Anniversary CMN Skydive Team!  After a successful CMN skydive in 2014, which raised a staggering £14,000, we have teamed up with Click and Jump again to offer you a tandem skydive day at BPS Langar Airfield, near Nottingham on 2nd September 2017. So, why not join in the fun and do something amazing to celebrate our charity’s 20th anniversary. Find out more here. […]

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