Rare Disease Day - 28th February 2015

Eva’s Story

Eva with Harry from Mcfly

Eva with Harry from Mcfly

My name’s Eva and I am 13 years old. I was born on the 14th May 2003, which is actually my mum’s birthday! My hobbies include; running, cycling, swimming, art, singing, drama, dance and guitar. I want to be an actress, singer and dancer when I am older but I would also like to be a model!

My birthmarks didn’t use to bother me as much as they do now as I tend to notice people looking at me more. I recently bought a bikini after being inspired by a girl with birthmarks like me called Yulianna Yussef as I feel it’s time to stop being afraid of something I can’t change. To be honest, I think that the y are just marks of beauty as I like to think of it like; We have been kissed by the stars.

I have been teased about my birthmarks though so I guess that’s the down side of it. Sometimes I feel like an alien or something as people are like “Who is she?” and odd remarks. But the thing that really knocks my confidence is when people my age laugh or comment at me because I’m just the same as them and it’s really hurtful. I do find swimming the hardest though because I have a large birthmark on my back and my leg and so I usually wear board shorts but I have decided to bear board shorts but with a bikini top instead.

The one thing I’ve learnt from having birthmarks is that if someone stares or comments on how I look then I have learnt to just completely ignore them and pretend that I really don’t care about what they are saying and accept that I am in my own unique skin.

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