Rare Disease Day - 28th February 2015

Caring Matters Now International Partnership Scheme

Caring Matters Now would like to invite all existing international support groups and individuals who would like to start or further develop support in their own countries to partner with Caring Matters Now.  As a charity, we would like to encourage our international friends to continue in offering excellent support, medical information and up-to-date research findings to those affected by CMN in each country.

As a Caring Matters Now International Partner you would:

  • receive updated Caring Matters Now support materials when created
  • have access to Caring Matters Now medical literature
  • receive an update on UK research every 6 months
  • receive links to all new CMN research papers when published
  • have an opportunity to financially support the CMN research taking place at the Institute of Child Health, London
  • be invited to future Caring Matters Now International Partnership Conferences

We hope that through our partnership scheme, the support materials, medical information and research findings Caring Matters Now endeavors to provide for all those affected by CMN in the UK, will now be accessible globally.

To register to our International Partnership Scheme, please complete the following International Partnership Scheme Registration From.

Once you have submitted your registration form, Caring Matters Now will be in touch with you via email. 

Thank you.

International Partnership Scheme Registration

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