Rare Disease Day - 28th February 2015

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Our annual fundraising target is set at £100,000. This covers research projects, administrative support to develop the charity and provide the much needed support for all families affected by CMN or NCM.

Appealing to the general public to raise funds for rare disorders such as CMN is always a challenge, but a challenge not unmanageable for such a worthy cause, I think you would agree?

We rely almost entirely on the financial contributions from our members, their friends and families to raise the money we need.

But we have broken this down to make it more manageable for everyone to do their bit; All we need, to reach our annual fundraising target of £100,000 is for each family to give £268.00 a year. Achievable? This equates to just £22.40 per month! Or £5.60 a week.

Whether it’s through organising an event such as the Coffee and Cake Morning or setting up a Monthly Donation or Direct Debit, participating in an organised event such as the CMN Sky Dive or a local run; it’s your choice.

We need your support to continue to achieve!

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