Cambridge – Sat 17th April 2010

The Cambridge family day was another very successful day with many old and new faces. Thank you to everyone who attended, especially the new families for making that step as it’s not an easy step to make into the unknown. But the feedback has been very positive and we hope that you did all feet very welcome and at ease.

A big thank you to Dr Kinsler, who travelled up from London for the day and spent the entire time talking to all the families and presented her latest research findings, which was very interesting.

The weather was great and we had many activities for the kids inside and out, including bouncy castle, ball games, arts and crafts and Easter egg hunt which always proves to be great fun.

I would personally like to say a big thank you to my friends and family who always make me very proud and never fail to pull out the stops to ensure they help provide a great deal of support on the day.

Thank you to everyone for attending, to the trustees, and Dr Kinsler for their hard work and dedication.


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